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Broadloom Carpets
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Broadloom carpets create a feeling of both luxury and comfort. It can enhance a room with casual simplicity, or create a showcase for formal elegance.

Carpets make the floor a place to sit, play and relax. Nothing feels nicer on bare feet than walking on a soft, thick carpet.

Carpets are one of the most economical floor coverings to have installed. It’s insulation properties provide additional warmth underfoot in cold seasons, whereas in warmer seasons it stays cooler.

Noise Reduction
Carpet’s cushioned surface absorbs sound within a room and acts as a sound barrier between floors, making it less noisy to walk on than a hard surfaced floor.

Safety and Maintenance
Carpet is a great non-slip walking surface, which is cushioned and helps in preventing breakages when delicate objects are accidently dropped. Also as most synthetic carpets are treated with static, stain and soil resistant treatments, it makes them easy to clean and maintain by regular but simple vacuuming, quick attention to spills and professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months.

With a vast selection of style, pattern and colour, there is a carpet to satisfy and compliment, any and all personal taste and decour, making it a great choice of floor covering for many rooms.